‚Focusing on material, texture, and sociocultural macrostructure, Cainelliklaska is interested in projects ranging from furniture to urban planning. Every production and shaping has social implications and establishes a new consistency of our environment. Planning, implementation and situational changes create the infinitesimal process of becoming form, in which actors remain permanently involved – building as a social act.  The versatile collaborations and projects span a field from exhibition design to the renovation of old buildings – from the production of sculptural furnishings to artistic projects in the context of public buildings. In their work and research with materials, objects are created which come close to sculptural and plastic appearance. Dysfunctional qualities exclude the object from purely decorative use, not by eccentric form, but because of its self-assertion in space. Each designed object is an architecture in miniature, which allows to encounter a new material, its conditions of form and its static and aesthetic behavior.‘ -Lukas Oberem-